My Office Life

I spend a lot of time in my office cubicle.  Most of that time is spent in front of my computer screen, staring, typing, clicking.  I’ve been doing this for 20 years, sometimes I laugh because the Internet is only 30 years old, I feel like a proud papa.

However all this time isn’t without its price, and over the years I’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain disorder, and a little bit of a beer gut (just kidding, not really).

It happens, what can I say, but its important to keep centered, and focus on what can be done.  There are several carpal tunnel exercises that I do, under the advice of my doctor, which serve to alleviate pressure on the tunnel.  There is also an ergonomic workstation that I’ve purchased for my cubicle, which allows me to maintain proper posture, both for my neck and for my wrists.

I find regular stretching and yoga also help.  I think its something about keeping a good energy and blood flow.  Yoga in general is just good, what can I say.

For anybody else suffering, there are definitely ways to alleviate the pain.  For office workers who are yet to be afflicted, please take the necessary steps to make sure you don’t succumb to the issues which plague so many.


My Personal Journal

Hi All,

Name is John and this is my personal journal.  I just started blogging a few months ago and this is my first individual venture.

What’s with the name?

I feel like we should all be connected three-fold within our lives.  Our first connection is with our self (see buddhists ideas of self).  We must be centered within ourselves in order to ever achieve true growth as a person.

The second connection we need to make is with our close friends and family.  Folding over our center-ness of self into a similarly centered and stable relationship with our close friends and family will allow us to achieve true friendship, and help our whole network to grow more stable, centered and full.

The third fold of connection must be outside our close circle (our monkey circle, as humorously put it), and with society as a whole.  This is arguably the most difficult to do right.  As the cracked article articulates, dealing with massively large groups is not the same as dealing with a smaller sphere.

I hope to expound these points further during the course of this journal.  For now please let me know what you think!


3 Fold Connect